To find the right college for every student so that he or she can be not only successful, but fulfilled and happy while there.


To give personal and individualized attention to all student-clients so that they can reach their full potential as secondary school students, and, subsequently as candidates for admission to college or university.


The program is designed to help students and their parents think strategically, set goals, and develop a plan for success in achieving them. Students stay organized, on-track and throughout have on-going, open communication between themselves, their parents and their high schools.  Support services such as standardized test tutoring, academic tutoring, and essay help are enlisted as needed.


Well qualified to help students find excellent college matches because of a comprehensive understanding of the college process: long-term, detailed knowledge of numerous colleges and their admissions policies, of what they look for in applicants, and of what they consider a strong high school program and application.

Greatest Satisfaction

Working with young adults to help them achieve their goals.