College Advising

  • Interview students and parents on goals for college.
  • Review school records and advise on course selection for junior and senior year.
  • Discuss areas of strength, special talents as well as areas that need strengthening.
  • Help with resume development.
  • Advise athletes on NCAA procedures and develop an athletic resume in junior year.
  • Strategize on timing of standardized tests, refer to private and group test prep tutors.
  • Create list of colleges to research, visit, and consider.
  • Instruct in proper and effective interviewing techniques.
  • Strategize on type of application to submit (early, regular or rolling).
  • Finalize list of colleges.
  • Help with preparation of college applications, supplements, and supporting material.
  • Help craft effective college essays.
  • Help navigate the financial aid process, if required.
  • Insure that student and parents communicate throughout the process and that student develops a strong working relationship with his or her high school counselor who will ultimately write the school recommendation for him or her.
  • Work with student until he or she has determined which school to ultimately attend, including helping strategize with wait lists and essays required for scholarship applications.

Academic Advising

  • Develop a four year high school academic and extracurricular plan.
  • Advise on summer enrichment activities that help advance a student.
  • Assist in finding remedial work/tutors to enhance weak areas.
  • Recommend resume building activities based on student’s strengths and interests.
  • Advise on and help plan for a gap year.

School Advisory Services

  • Work with school administrations to develop effective college counseling effort.
  • Train teachers and counselors how to write effective letters of recommendation.
  • Work with educators to help them successfully guide students and parent through the financial aid process.