Canadian Universities: An Exciting Option

I attended this year’s National Association of College Admissions Counseling convention in Toronto, Ontario, Canada– outside the US for the first time.  Toronto is a fabulous, very diverse, world-class city on Lake Ontario.  The lakeshore is lined with beaches, boating facilities, parks and hotels and is very accessible to all.  Interestingly, since Toronto is on the north side of the Great Lakes, it does not suffer from lake-effect snow, and, in fact, has very moderate snow fall in the winter.  It is roughly the same latitude as Boston.

While there, I visited the University of Toronto, Ryerson University and Humber College and was impressed by the specialized programs and co-op opportunities they offer.  Many American students are not aware of the many fine university options that exist in Canada.  Nor do they realize that the universities located in Southern Canada are geographically closer to the Northeastern United States than are many popular US universities. Toronto is a vibrant, world-class city, and its universities add much to its allure. From the beautiful, gothic quads and fine academics of the University of Toronto campus, to the exciting and technically savvy Ryerson University campus, and the co-op learning programs of Humber College’s stunning campus on the shores of Lake Ontario, I was very impressed with the first –class educational options available in the Toronto area.

US students should be interested to know that Canadian universities accept US high school credentials (transcripts and SAT/ACT results) for admission and cost less than many American colleges and universities.  A non-Canadian student may work in Canada for up to three years after getting a degree there.

To my mind, the universities north of the border are a real option for many students from both the US and from other countries.  Check them out!